Ewan Dobson: Time 2

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Trance meets fingerstyle acoustic. Mesmerizing...

As David Letterman once said "I been hyp-mo-tized!" Ewan's playing borrows from a lot of styles, creating a heady blend that's definitely off the tried-and-true acoustic guitar beaten path. This piece makes great use of delay to create a trance-like feel. Ewan's slightly "dark" tone afforded by the soundhole pickup also adds to the synth-like vibe.

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Ewan Dobson Bio

Ewan Dobson is a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist and Candyrat Records recording artist noted for the creativity and intensity of his playing as well as his use of extended technique. Dobson's music borrows from bluegrass, classical music, folk, techno, heavy metal as well as trance. In 1993, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and mild Tourette's Syndrome. In support of Tourette's Syndrome awareness Ewan has performed at the Tourette's Syndrome National Conference in Canada. As a classical guitarist Dobson won numerous awards such as the Grand Prizes of both the Burlington Rotary Fall Music Festival and the Pickering Rotary Music Festival (1996 and 1998) as well as the D'addario Scholarship from the Kiwanis Music Festival which is given to the top classical guitarist in the competition. As a fingerstyle guitarist, Ewan placed first at the 5th Annual Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. Two months after this he competed in the 38th Annual International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, Kansas and placed third. Immediately following this he placed first in the Acoustic Category of the 4th Annual Montreal Guitar Grand Prix.


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Solo albums

  • 2007: Guitar, Self released title.
  • 2008: The Red Army Love Potion, Self released title
  • 2009: Healthy Obsession, Self released title.
  • 2009: Ewan Dobson, CandyRat Records
  • 2010: Ewan Dobson II, CandyRat Records

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  • Music of Canada


External links

  • Candyrat Records label website
  • Ewan Dobson on Online Music Jamming
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  • FingerstyleGuitarists.com Ewan Dobson Interview
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