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Madison Rising Rocks Gibson Rally

Contributed by Gawain Reifsnyder, Tuesday October 11th, 2011

Amid impassioned speeches from Congressman Marsha Blackburn, Radio host Phil Valentine, and Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juskiewicz at the "Stand with Gibson" rally last Saturday, were a variety of musical guests. This being Nashville and all, many of them were of the Country genre.

That is until Madison Rising hit the stage. (With Gibson guitars in hand, of course)

Opening their short set with "Right to Bear," a song about the importance of the 2nd Amendment, it immediately became clear that these rockers from Jersey were a different breed.

The back of their debut CD describes them this way:

"Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal reponsibility."

In these days of political correctness, class warfare and ever-increasing government control in the United States a band whose lyrics promote love for country, respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a refreshing change indeed.

An excerpt of the lyrics to their song Soldiers of America says it this way:

Somebody’s sister or brother
Father, son...daughter or mother (come-on)

They are the soldiers of America
They put their lives on the line
Gave up their own right to freedom
So you could have yours and i could have mine (alright)

They come from the bright light cities
They come from a one horse town
But if they're coming for you boy
Ya better know they ain't messin' around (because)

They do it for me and they do it for you
And the red white and blue

Amen to the ones on the battlefield
Amen to those who fall
Amen to the women and the children/getting caught between it all (they said)
They'd fight and die for our freedom
No one had to ask them to go
Without a moments hesitation
For the red white and blue

Guitarists Christopher Schreiner, a Berklee College of Music grad and Alex Bodnar, who has performed for thousands of American military personnel as part of the Scott Stapp band created a background of crunchy rhythms and dynamic solos for the in-your-face lyrical punch of vocalist Dave Bray.

You can learn more about the band at

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